• Holden WB HDT Magnum

    I took these photos during a Magnum Cruise to the Shepparton Motor Museum, during the "Bathurst Legends" month.  I was in Brock Heaven checking out these beautiful beasts.  The following info came from HDT and I'm still rounding up some further yarns.

    The WB Magnum was a luxury cruiser, based on either the WB Statesman Deville or Caprice. From there, HDT fitted their Magnum Pack to the car, consisting of the Group 3 spec 5 litre engine, Bilsten shock absorbers and lowered suspension, as well as some finer detailing such a chrome rocker covers, 15 inch alloy wheels (athough many of Caprice based cars retained their fatory fitted Caprice wheels), Momo steering wheel, cold air intake and many other modifications.

    Owners could also customise their Magnum with an extensive list of options, including a High Output engine, as well as exterior colour coding, larger 16 inch road wheels, diff ratios, Limited slip diff and many other options.Of note is the fact that there was 3 Magnum utilities built also, at least one of which featured the 5.6 stroker motor.

    308 Cubic Inch Pushrod V8. 101.6mm Bore and 77.8mm stroke and 8.8:1 compression ratio. Max Power 188.2kw @ 5000rpm and 428.8Nm of Torque @ 3500rpm. 5500rpm redline.
    Engine featured Blueprinted electronic ignition, HDT High performance cylinder heads, HDT inlet manifold, HDT High capacity air cleaner, Low restriction exhaust, Hot fuel handling system and Chromed rocker covers. Factory oil was Castrol GTX Friction modified.

    4 barrel Rochester Carburettor and port matched inlet manifold.

    3 speed auto only
    First: 2.31
    Second: 1.46
    Third: 1.00
    Final Drive: 2.60:1 standard, 3.08:1 optional

    Type: Power assisted, integral with variable ratio steering box
    2.6 Turns to lock, 12.3m turning circle.

    Front: Fully independant by upper and lower control arms with coil springs and anti roll bar.
    Rear: Live axle located by four trailing links and Panhard rod. Coil springs and anti-roll bar.

    Split circuit hydraulic system with power booster.
    Front: 276 discs.
    Rear: 292 Discs.

    Standard Statesman Caprice alloy wheels
    15″ x 7″ Momo Polaris Optional with 235/60/VR15 Pirelli P6 tyres.
    16″ x 7″ alloys with Pirelli P7 tyres also optional

    Standing Start
    400m: 16.76 seconds (139.7 km/h)
    0-100: 9.43 seconds

    91 Litres
    126 Litres optional

    Approximately 100

    Base Price: approx $19772 for De Ville donor car, approx $29539 for Caprice; plus
    Basic Magnum modifications: $4950 (Caprice) $5950 (De Ville). Fully optioned Caprice approx $33000

    Exterior Colour Coding: $550
    126L long range fuel tank: $282 (fitted)
    High Output Engine: $2750
    Carbuerettor Blue Print: $98
    Window Tint: $225
    Burglar Alarm System; $450
    LSD: $450
    16 inch rims with Pirelli P7 tyres: $1095 (Caprice) $2140 (De Ville)
    3.08:1 Diff ratio: $650
    Shadowtone Paintwork $995
    Special exterior paint treatment (black chrome & colour coding) $760
    100/90W globes: $27.95
    100W driving light globes: $28.80
    Electric Sunroof $1450
    Tinted headlight covers $37.95
    Engine Oil Cooler
    Transmission Oil Cooler
    Deletions: Exterior colour coding & decals, Steering wheel.




  • Magnum Magic by Brock

    It's very hard to find info about the HDT Statesman Magnums. 

    We've found a video by HDT with Peter Brock comments that pretty much sums up this amazing model.

    Brocky tweaked it to the point it was just seconds away from Commodore speeds around Calder.

    The wheel and tyre package was so good a luxury car could be driven hard and respond well.

    It had become the most popular HDT luxury vehicle.  The sales and marketing managers at Holden needed some excitement.  Brocky looked into it gave it group III heads, exhausts, shocks, springs, fatter front and rear bars, Momo wheels and a change in the diff ratio.

    "It went hard and the best I could do in a standard Statesman was 61.5 seconds, in the Magnum it was a weapon."

    They even considered putting a five-speed into them but it was only talked about.

    They made three utilities which was out of HDT's normal model range and about 250 Statesmans were customised by HDT.

    Luxury in complete comfort and at speed.